Mediterranean Diet and Losing Weight

Staying The Course Is Still A Grind!

The ironic and frustrating part about week two is that even though getting into a groove with these snazzy new eating habits and feeling better than ever, you may find yourself battling the very real urge to self-destruct and go back to your unhealthy ways.

Your biggest mistake might bed jumping in too quickly, instead of going from never spending time in the kitchen to practically moving your office in there,  chose a pace that you’re more comfortable with, baby steps is more my speed.

But even when you do veer off course from time to time this is one of those rare diets where you don’t feel like an epic failure for doing so.  Make a smoothie as a bat signal to your brain that it was time to get a grip, minty peach and hemp heart, raspberry avocado chia, peach sunrise, and pick up right where you left off after each stumble.

Your Grocery Bill Can Go Through The Roof!

Even with making multiple servings and choosing recipes that had overlapping ingredients, I spent more on groceries in one week than I normally do in three. Staples like olive oils, vinegars, nuts, seeds, and grains cost a small fortune, but once purchased, you won’t have to buy them again for quite some time.

There are plenty of things you can do to make the Mediterranean diet more budget-friendly.  Buying frozen fruits, vegetables, and proteins can help cut costs and reduce food waste, as well as batch cooking and freezing in portions. You can also buy nuts and seeds in bulk and store them in the fridge for up to six months, or freezer for up to one year, where they are unaffected by fluctuating temperatures.

Another thing, checking out what’s on sale first, then choosing recipes for the following week based on the best deals are other options.

It’s Super Easy To Tweak The Diet As You Go Along!

As you get to know your eating preferences and patterns, this is a diet that can be adjusted to suit you, meal planning can be too rigid.  It sucks the enjoyment out of something you already don’t enjoy, so decide to buy ingredients for a week’s worth of recipes.   But, do not schedule which recipes to make on what days, rather see what you feel like eating in the moment and go from there.

And because this diet doesn’t feel like a diet, those twinges of guilt and self-loathing that typically come from “cheating”  are on more rigid weight-loss plans.

I Felt Like A Totally Different Person!

Going Mediterranean means eating more foods that are rich in vitamin D, magnesium, folate, and fatty acids, to name a few.  All of these nutrients play a vital role in hormone and chemical nerve regulation in our brain, which in turn, can drastically influence and dictate our moods and how we think.