The Ketogenic Diet

If You Have Crohn’s Disease.

Although there is still debate on whether or not the bug known as MAP that is found in animal products including meat and dairy products is the cause of Crohn’s disease, the inflammation of the digestive tract, there has been some research that has found this to be the case.  As mentioned above, the Keto diet tends to contain a lot of meat and animal products and does not usually contain a large amount of fibrous carbohydrates that help with gut health. Therefore, if someone has Crohn’s disease, sticking to a Keto diet can do even more damage to the body.

If You Are Underweight?

Since those on the Keto diet restrict their intake of carbohydrates, if someone is already underweight their body may not have enough fat and starvation can take place, especially if the person suffers from anorexia.  It is complicated since common knowledge would dictate that a diet high in fat would be beneficial for someone who is underweight.   It can, if done so under professional supervision, even brain function can be improved.  In addition, if the Keto diet is followed under the supervision of a dietician or doctor, it can actually help the body be able to use stored fat for the production of energy. However, the Keto diet cannot be followed loosely as any intake of food high in carbohydrates can compromise the body’s ability to be able to do so.  In essence, there is a certain amount of fat required in order for the body to successfully be in a state of ketosis.  When the body does not have a necessary amount of fat the consequences can be severe and can include fatigue, brain fog, and dizziness.  Therefore, it is highly suggested that those who want to try the Keto diet first seek out the professional opinion of either a doctor or dietician.

If You Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Certain high fat foods such as meat are harder to metabolize than foods low in fat such as vegetables.  Therefore, it should be no surprise to learn that if someone on the Keto diet has a high intake of meat and other foods high in natural fats they may not be able to digest certain foods as easily as they would be able to if their diet consisted of low fat foods.  Moreover, having a diet that consists of a high amount of fatty foods can also make a person tired since their digestive system is required to work in overdrive.  In addition, foods like fruits and veggies provide the body with natural energy and cutting them out of your diet can limit the amount of natural energy the body gets.  Plant based foods also help the body to eliminate toxins as they work as natural detoxification agents and as a result provide the body with more energy.

If You Have Diabetes?

If you have diabetes it’s likely no surprise to you that fibre is necessary to slow down digestion and can greatly influence blood glucose and can result in blood glucose spikes.  While fibre is found in a variety of different foods, the intake of the majority of these foods like vegetables is limited on the Keto diet.  This means that there is an increase change of large amounts of glucose being dumped into the bloodstream and less control of a person’s diabetes overall.