The Ketogenic Diet

While green and yellow apples are allowed on your plate, grapes should be avoided. Grapes are known to be rich in antioxidants and have other great health benefits.  But this does not change the fact that, like red apples, grapes are rich in carbohydrates and natural sugars.  Even eating a small serving of grapes can slow or stop ketosis and impact fat loss and muscle gain. The adverse effects of grapes on the metabolism is similar when by-products of grapes, e.g., grape juices, raisins, or wine are consumed.  Instead, you can opt for berries that help keep the body in a state of ketosis.  Great choices are strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, these are low in sugars and carbs, high in fiber, and rich in antioxidants.

Red Apples.

Carbs come mostly from starchy and sugar foods, many fruits are high in natural sugars such as fructose.  While some of them are keto-friendly, others such as red apples have been labelled a food to avoid.  Red apples such as Red Delicious, Fuji, and Jonagold contain a high amount of carbs than other types of apples, and many other fruits.  Most of the carbs in red apples consist of sugars from sucrose and fructose.  For example, a medium-sized red delicious apple contains about 17grams of carbs, 11 grams come from sugars.  You can substitute this fruit with green or yellow apples which are lower in sugar and higher in fiber.  Although red and yellow apples are healthier, you should still eat them in moderation.

Ketogenic Eating May Have Negative Consequences!

There are many negative side effects when it comes to the Keto diet, although there are of course positive ones as well, or else so many people would not be on it.  One that should also be mentioned is the fact that due to the limits on certain foods, many people on the Keto diet tend to under eat.  This can lead to a whole slew of problems such as sleep issues, inflammation, and lack of nutrients.  Lastly, gut flora and pH balance can be compromised when on the Keto diet.  Therefore, it is important to keep up to date with the current literature on the Keto diet and do your research before making any decisions.

Other Special Medical Conditions.

There are different medical conditions that can greatly impact whether or not how advisable it is to be on the Keto diet.  For instance, those with gallbladder disease will find that it is hard to digest foods high in fat.  When the gallbladder is not functioning properly it can have a negative influence on the body’s ability to digest fat, the same is true when the pancreas is not working as it should.  Additionally, those who have undergone gastric bypass surgery have a decreased ability to absorb and digest large amounts of food, especially those high in fat.  Other health issues that are not ideal for those wanting to be on the Keto diet include kidney stones and certain metabolic disorders.