Weight Loss Apparel and Accessories

Get Alterations.

Why not get your baggy clothes taken in or altered for a few dollars?  Tunics and t-shirt blouses are great options because the style of the shirt is meant to be worn loose, even if it is two sizes or so bigger!



Belt It!

After you have lost some weight and things start to get baggy, a lot of your items can simply be solved by wearing a belt around your waist.



Buy Your Clothes in Capsules.

A capsule is a collection of clothing that usually consists of six to ten items; two bottoms, two over pieces, four tops, three to six accessories, that’s when mixed and matched create up to 12 outfits.  I would suggest getting one capsule of clothing while losing weight.  That way you are able to make two weeks of clothing and rotate them during your weight loss season.  It’s a great way to really stay focused on buying a few items while getting a lot of options.



Pay More Attention To Your Accessories.

So you may notice that the clothing you buy while losing weight is boring, because you are trying not to spend an arm and a leg during this transitional period.  That’s why I would suggest investing more into grooming and accessories, this will bring more personality to your basics as you transition. For example, if you choose to buy a loose t-shirt blouse as a transition piece and wear it with stretch leggings, you can swap out multiple accessories to create different looks.