Weight Loss Program Options

We All Know How To Lose Weight, It’s A Matter Of Being Consistently Inspired To Do It.

With inspiration and long-term success in mind, the most important elements of useful apps are food logging, goal-setting, education, and community support.  Food logging may seem the most pedestrian, but keeping abreast of your daily calories, and taking the time to record every morsel you consume, brings a level of self-awareness to what can be a mindless or habit-driven act.

You need to clearly separate logs for every meal, autocomplete search bars, and barcode scanners.  Overall speedy functionality goes a long way to making a weight loss app something that you willingly use.

Motivation And Education Make Or Break A Diet!

The best diet programs help you engage with the reasons you want to lose weight, and these are typically deeper than wanting to wear a certain size or go for a hike without turning cadmium red.

A great diet is a lifestyle, not a short sprint toward a short-term goal!  Diets are successful when they help you break unhealthy patterns and become your new way of life.  While a diet’s recommendations are important, the lingo, the environment, and the packaging of a program can be even more impactful than the lesson.

Virtually All Diets Recommend That You:

  • Exercise
  • Eat nutritious, low-calorie foods
  • Prepare healthy meals at home

Weight Watchers, The Mayo Clinic Diet, and especially Noom provide a lot of behavior-based support to integrate these good habits.  These include learning portions, logging food, and both giving and receiving external support. Nutrisystem doesn’t ask for any behavior changes save for subsisting almost entirely off their pre-packaged, pre-portioned meals.

Still, whether food choices are prescribed or implied, the thrust of any diet is to eat smaller portions of less dense foods.  Broth soups over cream soups, grapes over raisins, chicken breast over steak.  The lingo varies, this essential teaching remains.

Finally, We Cut Diets That Eliminate Certain Food Groups.

The last key to diet sustainability is understanding that all food groups have a place.  Plenty of diets demonize certain items, but putting a kibosh on carbs, fats, fruits, or sugars alone actually thwarts long-term sustainability.

Additionally, a balanced diet provides a balanced supply of nutrients.  Cutting carbs completely means you’re also cutting the fiber and B Vitamins you’d get from sensible servings of whole-grain bread, oatmeal, and brown rice.  If your favorite foods fall into the list of forbidden fruit, you’re even more likely to fall off the wagon.